July 2021


MAPA Charity Overview

The Mid Atlantic PowerBoating Association, Inc. also known as "MAPA" is a group of power boat
enthusiasts from Southeast Virginia, who in 2009 began to organize and promote poker runs, as
well as other boating related events, that benefit various local and national charities. MAPA is run completely by volunteers and is qualified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


The Powerboating for a Cure Poker Run is an exclusive community-based event dedicated to eliminating major health problems. While raising support and money for the various charities and the less fortunate.



Steering Committee:

Bob Veith
Craig Mytelka
Jon Bucenell
Lorie Shaffer
Sonny Shelton
Mary Kromer
Rick Henn
Adam Veith
Chuck Guthrie
Lisa Chacon
John Ainslie